Solar Oven Partners

Marjorie Evens-de-Carpio has been named the in-coming director of Solar Oven Partners.

The new director also brings a deep understanding of the Dominican Republic, where SOP is now working. Her husband, Lalo, hails from the Caribbean nation, and she started and operated an English-speaking school when the couple lived in the DR for close to two years.

In visiting SOP supporters across the Conference, Marj says she is continually reminded of the impact this ministry has, both on those it serves and those who are invested through their giving of dollars, talents and time. "I'm very aware that this is a well-respected and supported ministry, and that the responsibility of something really precious is in my hands," says the new director.

Volunteer Jost to Manage
Volga Workshop

In the meantime, Rick Jost has not stepped away from the SOP ministry. "I will continue to serve as a volunteer," he says, explaining that he'll manage the manufacturing of ovens at the Volga workshop and occasionally lead mission trips. "There seems little doubt that my retirement project of managing the workshop holds a very promising and busy future for me as a volunteer."

He adds that he'll always be thankful to the Solar Oven Partners family. "Seventeen years and 10,000-plus ovens later, I remain in awe of our many volunteers, donors, and solar oven recipients," says Rick. "Their excitement and understanding of the great opportunity and even greater need for this ministry continue to amaze."

Marjorie (Marj) Evans-de-Carpio came on board as the new director of Solar Oven Partners (SOP) UMC in mid-March. A 1,700-mile-long Tour of Introductions across the Dakotas Conference gave her a feel for the people who support the ministry, and a month-long transition with retiring Director Rick Jost helped her transition into her new role.

Marj comes to the position with an extensive background in the skills needed to build cross-cultural relationships and a passion for the solar oven ministry. Fluent in Spanish, the Wisconsin native holds a BA in Spanish and Ibero American Studies and a Masters of Divinity.

She has served as a certified Spanish interpreter for the Minnesota Judicial Branch, assisted immigrants transitioning into Minnesota, and is a qualified trainer with the Kaleidoscope Institute, an ecumenical institute that trains clergy and church members in building knowledge and skills to effectively minister across cultural differences. 


New SOP Director Continues Ministry's Focus