Solar Oven Partners

Oven-a-Month Campaign:
New Level of Partnership!

There's excitement at Solar Oven Partners (SOP). Over the past few years we've more than doubled our workshop capabilities, made important improvements to our solar oven package, expanded communication to supporters, and increased opportunities for volunteers who want to be part of this life-saving ministry.

We now have a special partnership campaign directed toward churches--and any organization or individual seeking to become more fully involved in financial support of SOP. The Be a Oven-a-Month Partner campaign will continue to move this growing ministry into its next phase: working to bring the benefits of solar cooking and training into the Dominican Republic and Sierra Leone.

Meeting a growing demand
SOP's success means more people will be able to pasteurize their water, utilize more of their meager funds to buy food rather than expensive charcoal or gas, and help reduce environmental degradation caused by the charcoal industry.

SOP's commitment to help meet the growing demand for solar ovens and training requires a new level of support throughout the calendar year, says Phil Lint, retired United Methodist pastor, veteran of SOP mission trips, and a member of the ministry's Board of Directors.

"Much of the support from our generous donors comes in at the end of the year," explains Lint. "We are reaching out with an offer to partner with SOP through a monthly financial commitment of one oven a month...just $150. This commitment will help cash flow our mission throughout the year to fund the cost of solar oven parts, manufacturing supplies and shipping."

As churches review their budgets, Lint asks congregations to lift up the SOP ministry. "As mission-minded congregations, we pray they are looking for opportunities to participate in or support mission projects like Solar Oven Partners," says Lint. "An oven a month--just $150--provides a life-saving tool to fight hunger and human suffering in the countries we serve.

Engage congregations in missions
SOP's Board of Directors and staff understand that some congregations may be better equipped financially to Be a Oven-a-Month Partner by simply writing a check for $150 each month. They encourages other churches to consider using the campaign to help build interest and engagement in mission across all demographics of their congregations.

Churches might, for example, challenge youth groups, men's and women's groups,missions committees, small study groups or individuals to sponsor a month or two throughout the year.
To assist churches in developing creative ways to fund the partnership, SOP has developed a Be a Oven-a-Month Partner poster and a list of fun ways to raise the $150-per-month commitment.

To find out more about the Be a Oven-a-Month Partner campaign, or to arrange a presentation for your church or organization, contact  Director Marj Evans-de-Carpio.