Solar Oven Partners

Regular monthly gifts are a very significant way in which many donors choose to sustain our ministry. Such generosity demonstrates predictable income around which SOP can plan and act on our goal of providing solar ovens annually to families in the Dominican Republic.


Shipping and Training               $50.00

Component Parts of an Oven   $100.00

Complete Package                   $150.00

Through our financial accounting and gifts processing, SOP acknowledges every gift. It is a special privilege to honor or remember your loved ones through Alternative Gifts, with cards sent to both donor and recipient.


  • Holidays (for example Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas)
  • In Honor of Birthdays, Anniversaries, Milestones, etc.
  • Memorials

Since January 2000, Solar Oven Partners has equipped thousands of families with practical training in solar cooking, and provided them with the appropriate technology to realize the amazing health, economic, and environmental benefits of harnessing the free energy of the sun! At left are the costs (trending upward) of providing a solar oven to a  family in the Dominican Republic. Keep in mind that few could afford the real cost of an oven, so an investment opportunity of 10% of the full cost is offered to each student, thereby creating ownership for those who choose (100%) to take a solar oven.

Partner churches endeavor to multiply the strengths of their members to serve in ways that most individuals cannot. Partner churches have done everything from provide missionary salary support since the inception of our project, to fundraising for an entire sea container of solar ovens! In whatever way your church finds meaningful involvement, partnering with the commitment to help SOP achieve its goals enables success!

Alternative Gifts

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Donate an Oven

  • Send Check to:
    "Solar Oven Partners" 
           PO Box 460, Mitchell, SD 57301-0460
  • Send Check through your local United Methodist Church
                ​"Dakotas UMC Advance #637"  
  1. "UMCOR Advance #418812"