Solar Oven Partners



Solar radiation can be directed where needed by reflection off shiny surfaces. Note reflective surfaces inside/surrounding solar box cooker.

While solar radiation passes easily through transparent window glazing, heat does not. Instead, heat is trapped within insulated box cooker.

Solar radiation (sunlight) striking a dark surface changes it into infrared radiation (heat). Note black cooking pots and black floor of the solar box cooker.

How do solar ovens work?

Efficient, sturdy and easy to use.

The concept behind solar cooking has been around for a very long time, but SOP has improved  the technology to create an efficient, sturdy and easy-to-use oven. With  the abundant sunny and hot days in the Dominican Republic, the solar oven is a common-sense and  economical alternative to cooking with charcoal. Ovens can reach more than 300˚F, with most foods cooking in 2-4 hours.