Solar Oven Partners

Contact: Marj Evans-de-Carpio, SOP Director

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  • Joining an SOP Volunteer in Mission team to build ovens in the Dominican Republic or Sierra Leone is a joy-filled, faith-strengthening, mind-expanding experience.
  • Costs include airfare from the Dakotas, food, lodging, and transportation.
  • Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall dates announced 60-90 days prior to travel.
  • For more information about upcoming mission trips contact SOP Director.

Work teams at our Zeeland, ND, workshop fabricate the auxiliary reflectors in a unique metal fabrication workshop. These units significantly boost the performance of our high-quality solar ovens. Want to get involved?

Dave or Renae Silbernagel

701-391-9468 or 701-425-1382

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Workshop - Raymond, SD

Bring an SOP VIM to your church

Workshop - zeeland, ND

Get Involved

Join a Team to Dominican Republic or sierra leone

Whether it's cutting wood pieces for the ovens, performing a variety of light manufacturing operations, or packaging solar oven components for shipment to the Dominican Republic, you can be part of the action at our Raymond, SD, workshop.

Gene Bethke


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No one tells the story of Solar Oven Partners like someone who's actually witnessed the joy of people in developing countries taking their solar ovens home. Let our United Methodist Volunteers In Mission (UMVIM) share their heart-warming experiences with your congregation or organization.


Marj Evans-de-Carpio, SOP Director