Solar Oven Partners

Information on how SOP monitors the success of solar cooking training and oven distribution.

By immersing themselves in the work of this ministry, at home or abroad, volunteers' worldviews are changed.

mission & vision

In SOP's experience, people are empowered when they experience educational opportunities that allow them to help themselves.

GENE BETHKE - President, Eastern Sunrise District, Raymond, SD
GLORIA BORGMAN - At-Large Representative, Spearfish, SD
REV. PHIL LINT - Glacial Lakes District, Montrose, SD
JAY NIEDERT -   Glacial Lakes District, Madison, SD
DAVE SILBERNAGEL - Sakakawea District, New Zealand, ND
KAREN WORKMAN - Gifts Processing, Bismarck, ND
MARJ EVANS-DE-CARPIO - Director, Brookings, SD

Our solar oven partners board of directors