Solar Oven Partners

Why are ovens needed?
Combat poverty, deforestation, and health concerns.

  • The sun is free!
    Charcoal, a traditional cooking fuel in countries like the Dominican Republic, is costly. So is gas, another common cooking fuel. Families with extremely limited funds can spend an exorbitant amount to cook their food, leaving little left over for other needs such as tuition for school.
  • A sustainable cooking fuel source!
    The environment in the Dominican Republic, as in many third-world countries, is being devastated by the cutting of trees to be made into charcoal.
    Without trees to hold the soil in place, the impact of natural disasters such as hurricanes is magnified when devastating mud slides occur. Erosion has washed away most of the vital top soil for sustaining life. Increasing the use solar ovens will reduce the use of charcoal, save trees, and help restore the environment.
  • A healthy alternative!
    With a solar oven, a mother in the Dominican Republic can pasteurize drinking water, protecting her children from life-threatening water-borne diseases. Women and children who tend cooking fires experience fewer burns with solar ovens; and smokeless solar ovens  reduce air pollution, a source of lung and eye diseases.