Solar Oven Partners (SOP) is a United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) project that works to place solar ovens in the hands of the poor in  deforested lands. SOP partners with the indigenous church and relief organizations to help alleviate human suffering and environmental destruction, following the UMVIM motto of Christian Love in Action!

Solar Oven Partners

do ovens work?

We're on a quest 
for more Potholders!

With SOP's emerging partnership with Sierra Leone, and growing demand for ovens in the Dominican Republic, we've got a call out for many more potholders. In fact, we are seeking 2,500 additional potholders to fill current needs. Are you ready to lend us your sewing hand?

can ovens do?
are solar ovens Needed?
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Reach Out

Empowering People through Self-Help with Solar Cooking and Water Pasteurization.

SOP is Christian Love in Action!

SOP and Sierra leone:
New Partnership underway

An SOP pilot project in Sierra Leone this past March is leading to a promising partnership. Seven members of a SOP mission team traveled to the West African nation on the invitation of Sierra Leone's United Methodist bishop. The team, with assistance from the Sierra Leone Annual Conference, demonstrated the wonder of solar cooking to more than 90 people in three regions of the country. 



Experience has demonstrated that teaching solar cooking is the basis for success--rather than simply delivering solar ovens. Furthermore, teaching in the students' first language--offered by passionate, experienced peers--fosters acceptance, ownership, and enthusiasm for solar cooking!


​​​​​New SOP Director
​Ministry's Focus

Marjorie (Marj) Evans-de-Carpio came on board as the new director of Solar Oven Partners in mid-March. A 1,700-mile Tour of Introduction across the Dakotas Conference gave her a feel for the people who support the ministry, and a month-long overlap with retiring Director Rick Jost helped her transition into her new role.   

Be a 'Oven-a-Month' Partner

We hear urgency in the voices of people attending our solar cooking seminars, asking why the program took so long to reach them. Why SOP can't provide many more ovens? In response, we must grow our successful program, with multiple pieces required to put it all together!

Deforestation in many developing countries is of epic proportions. Until the demand for charcoal--used as cooking fuel and made from trees--is eased, deforestation will continue to take a tragic toll. Solar cooking is a practical and caring solution. How can you become involved?